How To Reorder Keto//OS & Control Your Smartship

My beautiful customers asked…so I delivered.  Once you’ve put your first order through, it’s super easy to continue and get a discount every month. You are in total control of your Smartship. Change formulas, cancel items, add extra boxes, ect. the world is your Keto/OS oyster! ORDER HERE:

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Keto Crack Slaw: Vegan Style

Yeah, so it’s basically called Crack Slaw because IT’S THAT ADDICTIVE!  I followed a recipe from my nutritionist BFF, Liz from but I didn’t have all the right ingredients at home so I had to improvise.  You can check out the original recipe HERE: I Used Purple Cabbage vs. Green  Chipotle Tabasco vs. Chili Paste I…

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How To Order Keto//OS ~ What Formula to Choose & Why

Without Further Ado… ORANGE 2.1 ~ Not Vegan (MCT’s are dairy), Gluten Free ~ Easy to adjust and manipulate the flavour to your liking ~ Has MCT (medium chain triglycerides) as the second ingredient. Good for Ketogenic diets (high fat, low carb), keeps you fuller for longer ~ Improves Cognitive Function & Mental Clarity ~…

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3 Things To Consider When Going Plant Based Keto

As most of you know I’m into Plant Based Keto. I’ll admit it’s a bit weird considering that most conversations around this lifestyle referrer us to meat & cheese. But let’s consider 3 Bigger Picture Benefits around this type of eating you may not have given any thought too… Saving Money Environmental Impact & Animal Welfare Law…

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For the Love of Fasting ~ How Too’s, Benefits, Tactical Tips

If you’ve read my “ABOUT” Page you’ll see that I’m pretty much into trying EVERY detox I can get my hands on… “I started practicing detoxification with my Mom when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I’ve used different juices, smoothies, herbs, main stream products, fasting, colonics, coffee enemas (still my favourite;), swallowed…

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